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Recognized Dietitian of the Year (RDY)

Danielle Brooks, RDN-AP, LD, CLT

Danielle Brooks, RDN-AP, CLT earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics from the University of Northern Colorado and completed her Internship with National Healthcare Corporation. Danielle has worked in a variety of clinical settings for over 10 years helping both adult and pediatric clients improve their nutritional health.  Danielle’s work experience has centered on teaching clients how to make choices to prevent onset and progression of chronic disease, treat malnutrition, improve the mind-body connection, and adopt healthy and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle habits.  Danielle has written a number of articles, best practice clinical guidance, and has given a number of presentations for the community, clinical staff and administration at her places of employment.  Danielle is an active volunteer in professional and community organizations.


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