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Margaret C. Horvath

OAND shares the sad news of long time member Margaret Horvath's passing on May 9, 2023.

In Margaret's memory, Diane De Luco, RD, LD, MS, MLIS shares the article she wrote for the university newspaper when Margaret was retiring from YSU in 1994. The information in this article, she obtained from interviewing Margaret as well as the Department of Human Ecology chairperson, Janice Elias who also knew of Margaret's dedication to her work at YSU.

Margaret was very instrumental in bringing licensure to Ohio for Dietitians. She worked hand in hand with Pat McKnight and others to bring that to reality for our profession. She also had an instrumental role in the implementation of licensure after it was a reality in Ohio. She inspired and recruited Diane to join the licensure effort as well, back sometime around 1985-1987.

Diane states, "I've known Margaret and her family since I was enrolled in YSU's Dietetics program from which I graduated in 1979. She was so supportive of my education and attaining my internship. She was a mentor and a good friend not just for myself but for so many others that she worked with and taught at YSU.

She was a definite leader in our Ohio Dietetics professional ranks.  

I'm sure there will be many who will remember Margaret as she was so active in our association on the State and National levels."

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