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OAND Speaker’s Bureau List

Jessica Buschmann 
-  Pediatric sports nutrition
-  General sports nutrition
-  Female athlete triad

Cindy Cassell
-  GMO's
-  Crop nutrition management for small farms
-  Nature of nutrition science with county farm population
-  wellness for corporations with a farm perspective

Suzanne Cryst 
- QAPI - Culture Change in LTC

Amy Keller
  Celiac disease
-  Non-celiac gluten sensitivity
-  Non-diet weight management

Lindsay Malone 
- Cleveland Clinic Center for Human Nutrition

Marsha Schofield 
Reimbursement! Documentation for Coding Adult Malnutrition!
Credentialing – Learn how to expand your payer base by contracting with private insurance companies
-  Hit the MNT Jackpot – Learn how to expand your practice and reimbursement in either an outpatient hospital or private practice setting
Reimbursement: New Game, New Rules
-  Oncology
(prevention, treatment and survivorship)

Cynthia Stegeman 
- Nutrition and dental health
- Systemic diseases and oral health
- Anything diabetes

Natalie Stephens 
- Policy, legislation
- General nutrition (DM, CAD, Wt control, healthy living, pregnancy)

Anya Todd
  Vegan and vegetarian nutrition

Lee Wolf-James
-  Cost effectiveness in long term care and hospital food service
-  Customer service
-  Culture change in long term care
-  Food safety

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