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Vera Bartasavich


I am in my second term as the Treasurer for OAND and have found working closely with the OAND President(s) and Executive Director provides insight and ensures the present and future of the OAND organization’s financial health is secure.  The team approach has worked well to achieve the correct financial decisions along with reaching out to other professionals including bankers, financial advisors and the OAND CPA. I find providing a summarization of the finances provides the OAND Board, membership and me financial transparency of the organization.  Working with the finance committee to allocate funds for future projects that align with the President’s Plan of Work and the Strategic Five Year Plan is helpful for the financial health of OAND. I enjoy working on the board and ensuring the OAND organization continues its stable financial strength.

As a former staff accountant and finance supervisor in the food industry, I developed my love for numbers along with detective skills for reviewing financial accounts. Volunteer opportunities have included auditing, revamping and suggesting changes for several non-profit organizations as their Treasurer. I am currently in private practice providing health and nutrition education to a variety of settings including corporate wellness, community and social organizations.   


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