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Jane Graffin

Why should OAND members vote for you. Not only include your past but also include what you can bring to the position.

It is an exciting time to be a dietitian. There are many opportunities to work in various areas that promote the health of Ohioans. As dietitians, we face challenges in this state, establishing the independent Board of Dietetics again and implementing supportive laws for dietitians to write orders for diets, enteral nutrition and parental nutrition to name a couple. OAND plays an active role in supporting dietitians/dietitian interests in this state. As your treasurer, I will monitor OAND resources to make sure that OAND continues to use resources responsibly to insure OAND’s viability for years to come. My experience as a manager will be valuable as I face challenges as to how to best use our budget to the benefit of the hospital, staff and clients alike. I also bring experience from serving on OAND Board and various roles for the Northwest Ohio Dietetic Association and the Toledo Area Chapter of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) (local chapters closed by AADE). In addition, I have served on church council, 4H and Girl Scout Councils.

Something personal about yourself that you would like to share.

One of my favorite hobbies has caused me to no longer have recognizable finger prints. This was not a big issue until electronic medical records came along or the need to be fingerprinted to stay on an Air Force base. However, these negative experiences have not stopped me from doing what I enjoy. From May to November, you can find me in my kitchen canning (or freezing) something we have grown or gotten locally from a nearby farm. Favorite things to can include low-sugar jams: strawberry, raspberry, peach, blueberry and Concord grape. I also can green beans, wax beans, applesauce and the family and friend’s favorite: salsa. These make wonderful gifts. You cannot match the taste of fresh, fresh canned or fresh frozen.  I also find that working in the garden and harvesting the produce is a great way to relax and come up with ideas.

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