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Rosa Hand

Why should OAND members vote for you. Not only include your past but also include what you can bring to the position. 

A great conference should be inspiring, informative, and encourage cultivating connections with colleagues new and old. These attributes are important even in a digital age when so much information and so many CPEs are available without leaving the comfort of our own homes or offices. In my career as a student, researcher, and educator I have had the chance to both attend and speak at a variety of conferences, giving me ideas about what makes a great conference that I can apply to the OAND Annual Conference. I will also bring ideas and experiences from my role as COPI chair-elect in one of our larger districts (Cleveland), about what makes a great meeting from both attendees and speakers alike. I’m proud of innovations we have made in Cleveland including creating meetings with both networking and continuing professional education, and using meetings to keep members updated on board activities. If elected, I would tap into my students to learn what our next generation of professionals want from a conference. I would listen to fellow members to learn what our current professionals want from a conference, and leverage my network in Ohio and beyond to help create a conference that is inspiring, informative, and promotes professional connections.  

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