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Francoise Knox-Kazimierczuk

Why should OAND members vote for you. Not only include your past but also include what you can bring to the position. 

We need to ensure that our knowledge is sound and current, and that we need are adept at translating the scientific literature into consumable information to address misrepresentations of the evidence. I believe that the greatest responsibility that I would have if elect to the role of CPI-elect would be to safeguard the fidelity and the validity of the annual conference educational content, as well as work towards content which provides praxis. As a former evidence analyst for AND, a professor with four years of research methods teaching experience, and a thesis advisor I am well versed in evaluating and translating the scientific literature. My experience in this area will enable me to ensure that OAND continues to provide quality programming to meet the continuing education needs of the members. In addition to ensuring quality and praxis, the breadth of the information disseminated at the annual conference is important due to the diverse occupational backgrounds of the OAND members. Additionally, as hospital systems, professional organizations, and governmental healthcare agencies advocate for inter-professional education (IPE) topics, educational opportunities must provide access to such experiences. My interdisciplinary educational and experiential background positions me to address the IPE needs of the membership. My focus as CPI-elect will be to deliver a conference using best practices in educational theory to engage the participants as active learners and to provide the most salient food and nutrition topics based on systematical surveying the OAND membership and thoughtful research.

Something personal about yourself that you would like to share.

I am a St. Louis native and lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan. I left St. Louis to move to Chicago for college and thought that I would always return home, but the universe had different plans for me. I lived in Illinois for approximately ten years and for most of the time I lived in Chicago. I enjoyed my time in Chicago working for the University of Chicago as an athletic trainer and strength coach. During this time, I also work at the University of Chicago Hospital in the student clinic as the Rehabilitation Coordinator. Ultimately, I decided that my passion was food and nutrition, which called for a career change. This career change led me to another state and even further from home. Along the way I met some exceptional mentors and gained valuable community nutrition experience. I also met my husband, who was living in Ohio working at the time. I fell in love with Ohio and decided to make the move to be near my significant other and to complete my internship. Fourteen years later I am still in Ohio and have no plans of picking up stakes again. I enjoy camping, kayaking, biking, and hiking and Ohio is a true outdoors person paradise. Additionally, I love being in my garden and having dinner parties so I can try out new recipes.

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