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Julie Kennel

Delegate Chair, 2022-2025

Julie Kennel is an Associate Professor of Clinical Practice at The Ohio State University. Dr. Kennel received her PhD from Indiana University in Health Behavior and started her position as Program Director for the Human Nutrition Dietetic Internship at OSU prior to joining the faculty. Dr. Kennel has over 10 years of experience applying medical nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling in wellness and prevention settings. Her research program is dedicated to discovering new knowledge about the behavioral and environmental factors driving children and youth’s food choices and thus diet quality. She has authored or co-authored 12 peer-reviewed journal articles for projects that are supported by competitive grants from the public and private sectors. She has been elected or appointed to leadership positions in her professional organizations, such as Chair for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Council on Future Practice, Regional Director for the Academy’s Nutrition and Dietetic Educators and Preceptors Council, and President of the Columbus Dietetic Association. She has also served on the board of editors for the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.


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