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Carrie Hamady

President Elect

Carrie Hamady is a registered/licensed dietitian in the state of Ohio. She has a Master of Science in Health Promotion and a Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies. She is a clinical professor in the department of Public and Allied Health as well as the coordinator of the Food and Nutrition Program and the Director of the Undergraduate Dietetics Program at Bowling Green State University. Her interests are in clinical nutrition, sustainability, food insecurity, innovative teaching techniques in dietetics education, informatics, and the use of programmatic learning outcome. She serves as the Faculty Affiliate on campus for the BGSU Ending Hunger initiative and with the Office of Academic Assessment. She won the award for best innovation in dietetics education at FNCE, the Faculty Excellence Award for Community-Based Teaching at BGSU, the 2018 Ohio and North Central Region of NDEP Outstanding Dietetic Educator Award in the DPD Program category, and the 2020 BGSU Mentoring Excellence Award. She is also the former Chair of the Nutrition Informatics Committee for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


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