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Dema Halasa-Esper

Mahoning District President

Dema Halasa-Esper MS, RDN, LD started her career as a clinical dietitian and specialized in nutrition support and trauma. She worked at tertiary care hospitals in Michigan and at the University of Pittsburgh during her career. She is currently faculty at Youngstown State University's Department of Health Professions, a position she has held for the past twelve years. Her interests and research efforts are in nutrition assessment and applying physical assessment skills into the Nutrition Care Process. She has served and volunteered on several committees within Academy DPG, Dietitians in Nutrition Support (DNS) during her career, including chair of the DNS group in 2013-2014. She has written and spoken at local and national conferences on various nutrition topics, mostly focusing on using NFPA/E within dietetic education and preceptors training.

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